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Sharon has retired!

After 24 years with us at May House, Sharon has retired!

After being part of the furniture in Surgery One for so many years, Sharon will now be spending her days travelling, brunching and with family and friends.....Although she will be making a guest appearance at the practice from time to time!

In 1998 Sharon arrived at May House to join the reception team. She later began nursing with Jill and has more recently been working side by side with Sandra. As well as training countless dental nurses, supporting the whole practice, being the team entertainment and resident prankster. Sharon will be extremely missed by us all.

Sharon's larger than life, cheeky personality has seen her become a favourite with all our patients and many friendships have formed. Her dedication knows no bounds. Her caring nature has made her a mother figure to many of our ladies. Her positivity lifts the mood during challenging times. Her humour has us all in stitches on a daily basis and her hosting skills have made way for many memorable (or immemorable) nights! Sharon, we will miss you tremendously.

Thank you for all you have done for the practice as a whole and for us individually. Thank you for all the love, laughter and friendship.

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