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Children's Dentistry


We all enjoy having children come to the practice and the whole team will make them feel special and at home.

You can bring them along as soon as they get their first teeth, or even before if you have any concerns. We will give you oral hygiene and dietary advice which will help to your baby’s teeth healthy as they start to come through.  

We focus on making it a relaxing experience for you both. Your dentist will get your child used to the practice, sitting in the dentist’s chair (on your lap if they prefer) and opening wide for a quick examination.

We’ll speak to you about the best ways to care for your child’s teeth. From brushing their teeth twice a day, to a balanced diet (not too many sweets!) and regular check-ups, our dentists will speak to you about the best ways to care for your children’s teeth.

It’s important to bring them for regular check ups (we usually recommend every 6 months) so that they feel happy and confident about coming to see us. It ensures that any small problems can be caught before they become bigger problems. 

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