Replacing teeth

If there is no other possible treatment and you need to have a tooth removed there are various options for replacing teeth. However it is not always necessary to replace a tooth if you can function effectively without it and the appearance is not bothering you.

If a replacement is decided on here are the different options for replacing teeth.


This is the quickest way of replacing a tooth. It can be used as a permanent option or as a temporary measure whilst other treatment is being completed. Dentures can be made of a variety of materials and in different designs to suit your needs from plastic to chrome and can be a single tooth or a full set.

Making dentures takes a few visits where impressions and other fittings are carried out. If you would like more information about dentures please talk to your dentist.


This involves making a false tooth which is attached to a tooth next to the missing one therefore filling the gap. This can be done by preparing the adjacent tooth and making it into a crown and attaching the false tooth to this or making a false tooth with a little wing which can be bonded to the adjacent tooth. Your dentist can advise you on which would be the best option for you.


This is a more complex procedure but replaces your missing tooth with the next best thing to an actual tooth. During the procedure a titanium post is inserted into the jaw bone and then after a period of healing time a false tooth is added usually in the form of a crown.  An implant is a good  long term option and creates great results but it is not suitable for everyone and still requires ongoing care  please ask your dentist for more information about whether it might be suitable for you.