Modified Hall Technique

Before                                                                     After

The Modified Hall Technique is a new advancement in dentistry which is now beginning to be taught in dental schools. It is described as selective decay removal with the deep decay left near the nerve of the tooth. The tooth is then sealed from the oral environment. If properly sealed the pulp (commonly referred to as the nerve of the tooth) with its good circulatory system, healing enzymes, antibodies and calcification process can heal the deep decay.

Within a few months the tooth becomes hardened and essentially bacteria free. In other words it becomes naturally healed dentin via the healing mechanisms of blood supply and tooth together. With proper case selection and technique, the success rates are show at well above 90% in the literature.




The left 2 teeth are shown prior to the Bioclear Method procedure and the right tooth after.

The central tooth after initial preparation.

The centre tooth is shown with the Bioclear Matrix in place with acid conditioning the tooth.

After the composite has been placed into the matrix surrounding the tooth.