About Bioclear


The Bioclear matrix is an innovative minimally invasive tool that dentists can use to help improve the strength and aesthetics of patients’ teeth. Until the invention of the Bioclear Matrix, dentists did not have an ultra thin, tooth shaped form that allowed permanent reconstruction of teeth with composite.

The Bioclear method was developed after extensive research and testing. When combines with the Bioclear Matrix, it allows dentists to maximize efficiency  and aesthetic outcomes for a conservative yet beautiful smile.

Benefits of Bioclear

  • Symmetrical maxillary central incisors
  • No black triangle
  • Midline is centered and perpendicular to the occlusal plane
  • The front teeth follow the lower lip in the smile pose
  • Central incisors are even with the canines
  • Central incisors should be 1-2 mm longer than the lateral incisors

Central incisors are rectangular and in proportion

Smile Design

80% width to height grid also shows Golden Rule of anterior arch/tooth form


Central incisors are not symmetrical and too short


Central Incisors should be even with canines




Right central incisor is actually shorter than the right lateral incisor giving an aged appearance

Central incisor should be 1-2 mm longer than the lateral incisor

Teeth actually have a concave smile line which looks like a frown

Maxillary teeth should follow the lower lip in the smile pose


Mum is on the left with her new smile matching her daughters beautiful natural smile.